Happy, Sad, Mad

Bring the Emotional Advantage to your 3-6-Year-Old with our FREE Kimochis Happy, Sad, Mad Mini Feelings Series. Watch challenging behaviors reduce and the HAPPY and closeness in your family increase almost instantly.

The big idea is to share that ALL feelings are okay, but all behaviors are not. This is a game changer as kids begin to GET, they can be mad or sad, but it is not okay to hit, yell, or say unkind words with these feelings. 

Also remind your child that everyone makes mistakes with feelings and that is why you are a Second Chance Family. This means that your family gets second chances when you make mistakes and yell or do anything that you regret. You simply stop and start again. So helpful for kids and grown-ups alike to say that when we know better, we do better. To say, practice makes better not perfect.

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Happy, Sad and Mad

Hi, I'm Ellen Dodge

As a parent and educator I have dedicated over 35 years to the field of speech pathology. I have been awarded the Honors of the California Speech and Hearing Association as the highest honor for making an impact in the field of Communication and Speech Disorders along with receiving a National Character Education award for my contribution to the public schools. I have worked as the Education Director, Curriculum Author and Master Trainer for Plushy Feely Corp. since 2008. It has been my life's dream to bring social emotional learning to parents directly in the home. I believe that the key to happiness, wellness, and life success lies in one’s ability to effectively and kindly communicate ideas and feelings.